Maschine Course

Beginners Guide to Maschine Course

Learn how to use Native Instrument's Maschine MK3 straight out of the box to completing an instrumental.

50+ videos of Sarah, The Illstrumentalist sharing her tips and tricks on using the Native Instrument Maschine MK3. 

Featured Topics:

  • Understanding Maschine Software and Hardware
  • Recording vinyl
  • Chopping up samples 
  • Recording instruments
  • How I use my Roland SP-404sx with Maschine
  • Humanizing drums
  • Quantization
  • Creating drum kits
  • Finger drumming
  • Step sequencer
  • Time stretching
  • Creating chords
  • Scale mode
  • Completing a full song 
  • +50 videos on how to use Maschine

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