Sp-404 MKII Course

Complete Guide to Roland's Sp-404 MKII

Learn how to use Roland's Sp-404 MKII straight out of the box to completing an instrumental.
50+ videos of Sarah, The Illstrumentalist sharing her tips and tricks on using the Roland Sp-404 MKII. 
Featured Topics:

Hardware Overview
Power Supply
Sample Mode
Sample Edit
DJ Mode
Enhancing production workflow
Enhancing podcast and radio workflow
Using effects
Skip Back
Making a perfect drum loop
Processing samples
Using new Sp-404 desktop app
Firmware Updates
Set up for Instagram & Tiktok Live
Recording external instruments
Connecting iOS Devices and using Midi Channels
Recording vinyl
  Chopping up samples 
60+ Videos on how to use Roland’s Sp-404 MKII

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