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Rhythm Roulette: Sarah, The !llstrumentalist
Bootleg AF!


How to start a YOUTUBE channel in 2018! 10 Tips!
So many asked me how to start their own Youtube Channel. Here are my top 10 tips to help you get your channel started!


Made a Lo-Fi Boom Bap Beat from SCRATCH in 10 minutes! 



Choice FM 92.1 invited me to chat with Zen So Fly about me, my beat tape Conversations, my youtube channel, and No Quantize!


Lo-Fi Spaceship Sounds Maschine Live Set Breakdown:

Lo-Fi Spaceship Sounds Maschine Live Performance

Making a Sound pack:



Learning how to finger drum with Melodics:


Today we’re exploring the music learning software called Melodics. Melodics first reaction, review, and quick tips! Week 2: WEEK 3: Music Videos "Energy" - Sarah, The Illstrumentalist from the beat tape titled Conversations Sarah, The !llstrumentalist - "Gravity 83" from the beat tape titled Conversations AND Women of the World! Sarah, The !llstrumentalist - "Nephilim" from the beat tape Conversations! The Situation Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Behind the Beat Behind the Beat: Lumuria Today we’re breaking down what it toke to make the beat, Lumeria from my Beat Tape titled Conversations!! Behind the Beat: Neil Armstrong Today were exploring how I made the beat "Neil Armstrong" from my beat tape titled "Conversations"